Hawaiian Airlines Internship Project

As a guest flying with Hawaiian Airlines, after booking my flight, I would like to view additional details about my itinerary. With the My Trips Web Application, guests can look up their itineray by inputting their last name and a confirmation code provided in the booking-confirmation email. On the My Trips app, users can view information about all their flights in the itinerary. Users can perform numerous tasks within this app as well including: view guest info, change flights, change seats, view receipts, add a hotel, and add a rental car.

More information: Worked on the Web Modernization Project, writing Single-Page-Applications (SPAs) for customers to interact with our airline. Used Angular, Bootstrap, and ngRx to build front-end user interfaces. My Intern Project was to assist with rewriting the My Trips SPA found at https://mytrips.hawaiianairlines.com. The SPA’s purpose is to allow guests to look up flight information by last name and their confirmation number. While viewing this app, guest may be compelled to upgrade their experience through strategically placed upsell components. I performed work on the itinerary page, flight-details page, guest-info pages, edit-guest-info-modal, and configured routes and guards. Large concepts gained from this project include learning angular, state management in ngRx, how to deep-link to other pages, and how to allow translation to different languages on large scale websites.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Kobey Arai at kobeya@hawaii.edu

Source of Image: Hawaiian Airlines